Reckless — Chrissie Hynde

Chrissie Hynde, the songwriter and frontwoman of The Pretenders in its various incarnations, has for 35 years been one of the most admired and adored and imitated figures in rock. This long-awaited memoir tells her life story in full and utterly fascinating detail, from her fifties childhood in Akron, Ohio, to her classic baby boomer seduction by the rock of the sixties to her sojourn in the crucible of punk that was seventies London to her instant emergence with her band The Pretenders in 1980 into stardom as a frontwoman and songwriter. She brings a fantastic eye for detail, a withering and sardonic sense of humor and a fearless and sometimes naked emotional honesty to her memoir, and every line, every word of it, is unmistakably hers. It is sure to be recognized as a classic of rock literature–and man, is it fun to read. [Chapters | Indigo]


Whether you’re a fan of The Pretenders or not (which, who isn’t?), this book is gripping for anyone who is a music fan. Following Chrissie on her journey to self through the eyes of a true music junkie. The era that Chrissie grew up in, makes for some amazing icon appearances in this book, notably some very fun David Bowie stories. While Chrissie takes a dive into some reckless territory (as per the title of the book), there’s a very soft side to this woman that comes through in the story.

However I will note, being a survivor of rape myself, I very much disagree with the “I asked for it” mentality of a particular violent story that Chrissie makes mention of in the book. A story that made for controversial headlines before the book was even released. Regardless of that, I found the book very interesting, despite dark in some parts.


Book information:

  • Hardcover, paperback or ebook
  • Published by Random House of Canada
  • Biography/memoir
  • Available in major book stores, Chapters, Amazon

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